Learning the Jamaica facts of life

After spending much of my adult life begging and playing ridiculous games with American girls in an effort to get sex, I moved to Jamaica in 2003. My new Jamaican friends told me that things are different in Jamaica, that the girls are more open and adventurous than American girls, and many start to fuck when they are only13 years old, or even younger. My friends told me that most of the girls don't care that the age of consent is 16, they just love to fuck. And they told me that the Jamaican girls would be begging me for sex, not the other way around. Naturally I was sceptical. I told them that I would have to see it to believe it. They laughed and told me that I would see.
They warned me that the only problem I might have would be with underage girls, knowing which girls were actually 16, because many of the 12 and 13 year-olds were already "bruking out", looking well-developed and sexy, and some would lie about their ages in order to get the fucking that they wanted. I strongly told them that I never, never, never wanted to be involved with any girls who were under the legal age. No problem, they said, there's nuff sexy girls who are over 16. So on my second night in the hills of the parish of Trelawny, they took me to a street dance in the community where I live. Being the only white and foreign person living in the town, I immediately became the subject of curiousity. After a short time girls began to approach me, and tell me that they wanted to get to know me, while asking me to buy them food or drinks or both. I was unsure what to do. Because there were so many, I could not say yes to all of them. My friends told me that it was simple, I had to be direct and tell them what I wanted. And if they wanted what I wanted, I should buy them something. They said that I should tell them I loved their body and I wanted to get some work from their pum-pum, which is a Jamaican term for pussy. If they wanted the same thing, they would tell me. Just a little while later Natalie came up to me and I knew she was the one that I wanted. She told me that she was 18 years old and in her last year of high school. Her smile was beautiful and I liked the vibe that she was giving. She wanted some jerk chicken and a bottle of Red Stripe. I got my courage up and told her that I would try to make her happy if she wanted to make me happy. She asked what would make me happy. So I told her that I would be very happy if I could see her beautiful breasts and get a taste of her pum-pum. She laughed and said that would make her happy, too, and she asked me if I suck pussy. In Jamaica their is a frequently spoken contempt for oral sex, although many do it, but just don't admit it. I told her of course I do it, I like to do what ever will make a girl happy and feel good. She said that she had never had oral sex and wanted to try it, and we should get some chicken and talk some more. While she was eating she told me more about herself, she had two sisters and one brother, all younger, and they lived in the village of Kinloss all of their lives. She was in grade 11 at Titus High. She started to fuck when she was 14. The first time it was hot-Jamaican term for painful-but after the second time she said she loved it. She said she had only fucked two boys, both had been her boyfriends, and that she wanted to fuck a white man. I asked her if that meant me, and she said "Lets go for a ride and you'll find out." Since I did not have a car yet, I told her that I would have to talk to my friends. Plus I wondered if I was getting set up for something bad. I told my fiend Gwayne what was going on and asked him if he thought this was for real. And could I trust Natalie, or was she going to take me somewhere to be beaten and robbed. Gwayne said that he knew Natalie and that she was telling the truth, and I did not have to be afraid. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a condom and said, "Just make sure you where a boot". I told him that she wanted to go for a ride, but I didn't know what to do because I didn't have a car. In addition, I was staying with some older conservative Jamaicans because I did not have my own place yet, so I had no where to take her. Gwayne said "No problem, I'll drive you somewhere and she will fuck you in the car." I asked how he could be so sure, and he answered that is the way Jamaican girls are. So Natalie and I got in the car with Gwayne and drove to a deserted section edge of the village near some unfinished houses. Gwayne got out of the car and told us that he would go for a walk and come back in a little while. I was not very confident in this new scenario or feeling very aggressive. Fortunately that was not a problem for this sexy and beautiful girl. She knew what she wanted and she was going to get it. Without saying a word she took her top off (no bra)and lifted her short skirt and pulled off her panties. Then she put my hand on her breast and told me to rub, and unzipped my shorts and grabbed my cock. Because I was already hard as a rock she had trouble getting it out, so she unbuttoned my shorts and pulled them down. While she was stroking my dick she said that some of her friends said they loved having their pussies sucked, and she asked if I would suck hers. I did not want to say yes or no until I got a look at her pussy, so I told her that I would love to make her feel good. So first I kissed her breasts around her nipples, then I moved in on her nipples with my tongue. I could see and feel them get hard instantly. She moaned and said that she loved to have her nipples sucked. So I spent some time with her hard nipples between my lips. After a few minutes, I pushed her back against the door and moved my head between her legs. Fortunately there was some light from a nearby street light so I could get a look at her pussy, and see if it looked clean and safe. She had a slight bit of hair around her pum-pum, it looked like it had been trimmed. I saw no bumps or blisters or anything to be afraid of, so I began to kiss near her pussy but not on it. Immediately she began to move her pussy towards my mouth, so I breathed some hot air towards her pussy hole. She arched her hips so that her pussy was on my mouth. I began to lick around her clitoris and she let out a moan and gasped that it felt so good. I proceeded to lick and suck and fuck her with my tongue. She pressed her pussy harder against my face and put her hand behind my head and pulled me tight against her pussy and began to moan and shudder and shake from an orgasm. I pushed my finger into her pussy and I could feel it clench and twitch about 10-12 times. When I started to pull my face away she said "No mon, don't stop!" So I licked her clit some more and fucked her with my finger and about one minute later she came again. "God, I love it," she gasped. I asked her if she wanted to suck me, and she said, "No mon, I don't suck." But then she sat up and gripped my hard cock and started to straddle me. I stopped her and pulled out the condom and she snatched if from my hands and tore the wrapper open and slid it over my dick. Then she guided my cock into her pussy hole. At first it did not enter very deep because she was tight, but it took only a few seconds for her to work it deep into her cunt as she was grinding her clit against me. Soon after I began rubbing and kissing her breasts I could feel her pussy clenching my dick as she came again. At that point many American girls would have been done, so I asked her if she had enough. She said "No mon, give me a back shot." Since I had not learned that term yet I was not sure what she meant until she turned around and got into position for doggy style. I got behind her and she reached between her legs and grasped my cock and guided it back into her pussy and began rocking back and forth-Jamaican term is "wining". She moved my hand off her hip and made me rub her clit while she was getting rammed from the rear. After a couple of minutes I could feel her cum again! She pulled herself off of my dick and turned over and laid on the seat and rested one leg on the top of the seat and asked me if I was finished. I said "If you want me to be........". She took her hands and spread her pussy hole open and said "Come get some more." So I rubbed my dick on her clit for a few seconds, then she rocked her hips forward until my cock sank into her hole again. Because I was not used to wearing a condom-I had a vasectomy when I was younger-I could tell that the latex was having a de-sensitizing effect on me and I probably would not be able to cum-so I rammed her for a few more minutes then pretended that I had an orgasm. I decided that I could probably fuck her again soon and it might be better to finish when she still wanted more.
She said "did you cum?", and I said "yeah mon, couldn't you tell?", and she laughed and pulled herself off of my dick and put her shirt and panties back on. She said,"We should get back to the dance, find Gwayne." No kissing, no snuggling, just plain fucking is all that she wanted.
Gwayne must not have been far away, maybe he was watching, because almost immediately he returned to the car. He started the engine and said "Did she fuck you good?" and I said the best Jamaican girl so far. She asked me how many Jamaican girls had I fucked and I told her she was the first and she laughed and said that she didn't believe me.
When we got back to the dance I figured that I should act like I wanted to see her again, I didn't want her to feel like a one-night-stand or slam-bam-thank-you maam, plus I wanted to fuck her again soon. So I asked her if she wanted to get together the next day and go to the beach or the river, and she told me that she was going to Kingston the next day to visit her father. I said maybe some other time soon, and she said maybe and walked away. And I have not seen her since.

Keneisha & Tanya

Double date

I went to Burrwood Beach for the first time with my friend Don. It's a public beach just a couple of miles outside of Falmouth and it attracts Jamaicans from all over Trelawny. On Sundays its the place to be, and it is well populated with beautiful girls. Don is a light-skinned Jamaican with long straight hair because of his slightly Indian descent. The girls love his good looks. He attracts them like honey does to bees. We spotted Tanya and Kaniesha walking down the beach and Don gave them a smile. They noticed, and a few minutes later they came up to us and began to speak. Because they were speaking heavy Patios-Jamaican native language-I was having difficulty understanding. But after a minute Don guided me towards the structure where Sonny sells cold drinks. He told me that they were both 18, and they lived at nearby Coopers Pen, and that we needed to buy the girls some drinks. Then he said that they were going back to Perthtown with us. I asked him why? And he said what I was hoping to hear. "So they can fuck us." I asked him which one he liked, and he said Tanya, the lighter-skinned one. I asked what the other girl's name was and he said Kaniesha. I asked if she liked me and he said that she said that I looked sexy. So we bought some drinks and took them back to the girls, and they said they had to go somewhere but would "soon come." After they left I told Don that they would probably disappear on us, but he said, "No mon, they'll be back." He was right. About 30 minutes later they came back and we went into the sea and joined in a game of keep-away with some other people. Because the sun was getting low in the sky I told Don that we should be headed for the hills soon. Don said something to Tanya and then we got out of the water. The girls went into the shelter to put on their clothes. While we waited I asked Don where we were going to take them. I still did not have a place, and he was staying at his mother's. He said "Don't worry yourself, I have a friend who has a house and no one is living in it now." The day before I had bought a used Toyota, so we bought the girls some Red Label wine and began the drive up into the hills. It was dark by the time we went through the village of Martha Brae and crossed the bridge over the Martha Brae River. A couple of minutes later we heard a dragging sound so we stopped and discovered that my back bumper had fallen half way off. So we searched the car for something to tie it back on with, and all we could find was some short draw string from my beach bag. But Don is very creative and he made it work. So we resumed the journey, only to hear the girls say that they had to pee. So Don stopped the car and the girls got out and squatted by the side of the road and relieved themselves. That is when I learned that many Jamaicans are not very modest about relieving themselves, and do it wherever they feel like it. No problem for me. In fact I prefer girls who are not overwhelmed with modesty. bout 10 minutes later we arrived at the house and went inside. It was a small place with two bedrooms, a bathroom and kitchen. It was kind of funky but it looked like it would serve our purpose. There was no electricity so Don lit two candles and took one of them and Tanya into a bedroom. That left Kaniesha and me sitting alone on a bed. I tried to have some conversation, but was not very successful. I had trouble understanding her and she was having trouble understanding me. So I decided that it was time to get to the point. I said "I love your body and I'd like to see more of it, what do you think about that? She said "That's not a problem" and took off her jeans." I told her that I would like to see more, so she took off her t-shirt. I said that was nice, but I would like to see more, and she took off her bra to reveal a well-shaped pair of breasts with small nipples. I could feel my cock coming alive, and I reached out and began softly rubbing one of her breasts. I asked her if it felt good and she said yes. I moved behind her and rubbed both of her breasts, and then began to stroke around her nipples, and they got hard right away. I asked her if she would like to feel my buddy-a Jamaican expression for cock. She reached back and began to rub my penis and found it to be rock hard. I moved one of my hands down her belly towards her pussy. She spread her legs a little so that I could get there. Her pussy hole was already wet, so I rubbed her pussy and she moaned and leaned back against my chest. She continued to rub my cock and I slipped a finger into her cunt. At about the same time we heard the bed squeaking and Tanya moaning in the other room, so it seemed like a good time was being had in there. It seemed like everything was going as planned, and I thought "God, I love this country!" Kaniesha turned and laid on the bed and began to unbutton my pants, so I finished the job for her and took off my shirt and laid beside her. I began kissing her nipples and she started rubbing her fingers through my hair, and told me that I had pretty hair. I moved my head down between her legs and pulled off her underpants and made a move to lick her clit, but she pushed my head away. "I don't like that, it's nasty," she said. I asked her if she had ever tried it, and she said no, but people say its nasty. I said that maybe she shouldn't decide until she tried it. She gave me no argument so I started to kiss the inside of her thighs, moving slowly towards her pussy. She still had her hand on my head, but she was not pushing me away. I gave her clitoris a quick lick with my tongue, then moved away, and another quick lick, then another. I could feel her relax so I began to give her some serious licking and sucking. After about a minute she arched her hips and began grinding on my mouth. Then she began moaning and rocking and it seemed like she was coming. I looked up at her and asked her if she liked it and she smiled and nodded her head yes. I got up on my knees and began to rub my hard dick on the outside of her pussy, and she asked me if I would lick her some more first. Naturally I said yes, since I aim to please. I rolled over on my back and got her on her knees with her pussy on my mouth. I put my hands on her hips and began to rock her back and forth. She got the idea and began to grind on my mouth. I reached up and rubbed her breasts while she was doing her pum-pum dance on my face. After a few minutes she stopped and then her body began to shake and it seemed like she came again. Now it was my turn, so I slid her down my body until her pussy was rubbing against my hard dick. I told her to put it in, so she reached down and took hold of my cock and slipped it into her wet hole. There was no forcing, it slid right in, and she got up on her feet in a squatting position and began to bounce up and down on my dick. I asked her if she liked it and she smiled and said yes. She put her hands on my chest and started bouncing harder and faster like she was on a trampoline. A couple of times my dick came out and she rushed to put it back in. Then she said she wanted a back shot, and this time I knew what to do. She turned over and put her tits on the bed and stuck her ass high in the air, and I reached between her legs to find her pussy hole. Then I aimed my dick for that hot, wet heaven. I only put it in a few inches, and then she backed up so that I was all the way in to my balls. She kept rocking back and forth like she wanted to feel it all, and a few times my dick came out, and she would reach back and force it back in. Then she changed her movement, she backed up on it until it was deep inside her, then she was grinding her ass against me, trying to get every inch of it inside of her. Then she stopped and tensed up and let out some grunting sounds, so I asked her if she came, and she said yes. I did not come so I decided to save it for later, and pulled my dick out and laid on the bed. She laid down beside me and I asked her if she was happy and she said yes, and a minute later she was asleep. When I woke up I could see the sunshine, and I was still feeling horny, so I turned on my side and curled up behind Kaniesha. It seemed like she was still sleeping, so I began to rub one of her breasts. Her nipple got hard and she moaned and pressed her ass into me. My cock was already hard, so I reached between her legs and found that her pussy was already, or still wet. So I moved my dick towards her pussy and she lifted her leg slightly and I slid into her. She started rocking back and forth and reached behind to hold onto my hip. This time I did not last, and I shot a load into her pussy after only a couple of minutes. I felt guilty because it was obvious she did not cum and wanted more. So I rolled her on her back and began fucking her some more. I br ced her legs back with my arms and gave it to her hard and fast, and she put her hands on my ass and kept pulling me in. After a few minutes she started shaking and doing her grunting again so it seemed like she came. I slowed down my thrusts, then stopped, and she rolled over on her side, and in a few seconds she was asleep again. I woke up to see Don and Tanya standing by the bed. He said we should go outside and talk. He told me that Tanya wanted to stay with him today, he liked her, but he didn't want to be with her all day. So we decided to tell the girls that we had to work on my car that day. We went back inside and Tanya told us that Kaniesha wanted to go home, but she wanted to stay. Don said that he would come back to see her later, and Don and I took Kaniesha home. Kaniesha and I exchanged phone numbers, but I never called her and she never called me. In fact, I didn't see her for a long time, and someone told me that she had moved to a different part of the island. However it was not quite so simple for Don and Tanya. She ended up staying in that house for about three days, and according to Don, all they did was fuck and fuck and fuck. I had no reason to disbelieve him, especially about three months later when she announced that she was pregnant and that Don was the father. He was not happy and managed to avoid her for about a year. When I finally saw the little baby girl, it seemed obvious to me that the child was his. She had his light skin and hair. In the two years since the baby's birth, he has taken no responsibility for the child. And for that reason I lost a lot of respect for him. Jamaicans love to fuck, and I can't fault them for that. However many of the girls take pregnancy too lightly, and many of the men seem to breed and run. As a result, there are way too many single mothers.........and children that rarely see their fathers.


Double-teaming Donnette

A few days later Don and I were driving home from the beach and we saw two girls sitting by the road. It was getting dark, so I could not get a good look at them. Don told me to stop the car and go back. I put the car in reverse and stopped in front of the girls. He asked them "Wha gwan?" and got into a conversation. From what I could understand he was asking if they wanted to come to Perthtown and hang out with us. Apparently one said no, but the other said yes. After she got into the car she told us that her name was Donnette and that she lived in Danieltown. She was not really my type, just a little too big and heavy. But Don loved fat girls-like many Jamaican men do-so I figured it was his night to have fun and not mine. When we got to Perthtown we drove to his friend's empty house and the three of us went inside. After some brief conversation Don told me that I should go into the other room and leave the two of them alone. So I followed his instructions and passed a few minutes by rolling and smoking a spliff. He came into the room and presented me with a plan. He said that he thought the girl wanted to fuck us both, but he was not sure. Since I was new to that kind of action, I figured what the hell, I didn't love the girl's looks, but maybe I should try something new. So I told Don that I was willing, but only if the girl wanted both of us. I told him I did not want to be a part of forcing her to do anything that she didn't want to do. He told me to wait about five minutes, then to come into the room. So I waited a few minutes until I heard some moaning, and then walked into the room. Donnette was on her back on the bed and Don was already fucking her. She looked at me and smiled and laughed, so that seemed like an invitation to me. So I walked over to the bed and began to rub one of her breasts while Don continued to pound away at her pussy. She reached over and unbuttoned my pants and began rubbing my dick until it got hard. It was not long before Don let out a moan and pulled his dick out of her pussy, and pointed at me and then at Donnettes cunt. I looked at her and asked her if she wanted more, and she nodded her head yes. So I put on a condom and climbed between her legs and put my dick into her already wet and wide open pussy. I started to fuck her slowly, but she said "No mon, fuck me hard". So I gave it to her hard and fast and after a couple of minutes she let out a moan and a few shakes and twitches and I decided that she had cum. I could tell that it would be a while before I would have an orgasm, and it just didn't seem worth the effort, so I pulled my cock out and took off the condom and pulled up my shorts. She asked me why I was stopping, didn't I like it, and I said that I liked it and she was sexy, but I was tired. I walked outside to look at the stars, and I could hear the bed banging against the wall as Donnette was getting some more action from Don. After about 15 minutes Don came out and said that Donnette wanted to go home. By then it was after midnight and my day was done, so I gave him the car keys and told him that he would have to go without me.As I walked home under the clear night sky with a million stars shining down from above I laughed inside my head when I considered how much different these Jamaican girls were from the ones that I had known in the U.S. In America so many girls acted like they were doing you a favor if they fucked you. But down here the girls seem to love it as much as the men, or sometimes even more.


My first true girlfriend

Her name was Peta-Gaye. I loved her deeply, and everyday I gave thanks that she said that she loved me. She said it so many times that I even believed it. And I still believe it now. We lasted about two years, until it ended badly. But isn't that the way that too many love affairs end? We are still friends, and there will always be a warm spot in my heart for her. I met her in Falmouth on a Wednesday. That is Market Day, a day when throngs come down from the hills of Trelawny to do their shopping for the week in the open air market. It's called the "Bend Down" market because so many vendors spread their products on the ground. It is also the day when you see the most beautiful girls strolling through the streets of Falmouth. That is how I met Peta-Gaye. She was leaving the market area, walking alone. She was one of the most beautiful girls that I had ever seen. She was light-skinned-not that it mattered-and her face was gorgeous. She wore a long dress, so it was hard to judge her body, but because she was so pretty, I knew that I must talk to her. It took me a few seconds to gather my courage, because I was thinking what would a beautiful girl like her want with me. But I told myself that I had nothing to lose except my pride from a rejection. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. So I quickly wrote my name and phone number on a piece of paper and I approached her and told her that I thought that there was something special about her, and that I would love to get to know her. I said that if she wanted to get to know me, she should give me a call, and then I walked away. That's my way of minimizing the effect of rejection. The next night my phone rang and it was her. During a short conversation we agreed to meet in Falmouth the next day. The next day I was delighted when she showed up at the agreed upon meeting place. This time she had on a short skirt and tight T-shirt and it was obvious that she had a fine body. It turns out she was about 5-feet-6 and 100 pounds. She was slim, but most of her weight was in her breasts and butt, which is exactly what I love. We spent about one hour together in Falmouth and seemed to enjoy each other, until she said that she had to go home and help her mother. I should mention that she was 18 years old old, and lived in Hague and attended Montego Bay High School, an all-girls school that is considered one of the best in Jamaica. She said that she wanted to be a nurse, then become a doctor. That gave me the impression that she was serious about education. A good trait. We agreed that we would hook up again the next day and go to my house for dinner and a movie. The next day she insisted that she would cook, so we went to Super Plus and bought some chicken, rice and peas (Jamaican term for beans). She prepared a delicious dinner and then we watched a movie. After the show, I asked her what time she needed to be home, and she said that she didn't need to be home, and she could stay the night with me if I wanted. I tried my best to pretend to be calm, and told her that would be fine with me. Then she said that she was tired and was ready for bed. At first I considered offering her the use of my bed by herself, but then I realized that would be stupid, and I should just assume that she wanted me in the bed too. If I was wrong she could tell me. So I gave her a T-shirt to sleep in, and left the bedroom so that she could change. When I went back in, I stripped down to my boxers and got into bed with her. Because I am still just a little stupid, and a little shy, and a little afraid of making the wrong move, I decided to lay there and see if she would make the first move. I did not have to wait for more than about one minute. She began to rub my chest and kiss my neck. I turned my face towards hers and she gave me a strong open-mouth kiss. As we continued to kiss, I gently stroked her face and neck and shoulders and arms. When she wrapped one leg around mine and began to rub her pussy on me, I knew it was time to do more. I moved my hand to her breast and gently began to squeeze, and then I touched her nipple with the palm of my hand. It immediately became hard. I then used my fingers to stimulate the nipple and her kissing became more passionate, and she slid her hand down my belly and into my boxers and took hold of my dick, which was already hard. In turn, I moved my mouth down to her breast and began to lick her nipple. When I began to gently suck on her nipple, she said that sometimes she could cum that way. I said that was good because I loved to do it. After a few minutes it seemed time to move between her legs and see how she felt about having her pussy licked. As I slid down she asked what I was doing, and I said that I wanted to taste her pum-pum. She said that she had never had that before, so I asked her if she was ready to try. She said yes, so I put my head between her legs and began to kiss around her pussy. It seemed that she had either trimmed her pubic hair, or it just naturally did not grow very thick. I licked and sucked her pussy lips for a few minutes, then turned my attention to her clitoris. As soon as my tongue touched it, she moaned and arched her hips upward and began to rock against my face. After another minute she put her hand behind my head and pulled me hard onto her pum-pum and told me how good it felt. Another minute later her body began to shake and convulse and she told me that she was cumming. I stopped licking to give her some time to rest, but she asked me if I would do it some more. Naturally I agreed, and after a few more minutes she came again. Then I asked her if she wanted some fuck, and she asked me if I had a condom. I told her that I did not like condoms, so I have HIV tests every six months and try to only fuck girls that seem safe. I asked her if she was safe, and she said that she had an HIV test recently for a job application. I moved my dick up to her pum-pum and rubbed it on her clit for about one minute, until she reached down and grabbed it and pushed it into her hole. Then she reached behind me and grabbed my ass and pulled me deep into her pussy. She began some fast rocking back and forth and pulled me down so that my mouth was on hers. She was fucking me and kissing me more passionately than I had ever known before. I continued to fuck her-let her fuck me actually-and began to suck on one of her nipples. "You're going to make me cum", she said, and I answeredThat's what I want to do." About a minute later her pace got even faster and it seemed like she was racing to the finish line. Sure enough she let out another moan and came again. I did not know whether to continue, but after a few seconds she rolled me over and sat up and began pumping me from above. It was becoming obvious that this girl loved to fuck and she was in no hurry to stop. She climbed up on her feet and began bouncing up and down like she would never quit. Then she laid down on me and began to grind herself against my pubic bone and sucked on my neck until she came again. By that time I had lost count of her orgasms, and I wondered how much more she wanted, but she made it clear that she was not finished. I had no intention of stopping until she was ready to stop. She got off of me and got on her knees and stuck her ass up in the air and I knew that she wanted a backshot, so I climbed up on my knees and got behind her and gave her what she wanted. At this point she started to become vocal, and I will never forget how she said "Fuck me like a dog, yes that's it, fuck me hard like a dog, fuck me like a dog, fuck me like a dog". Finally after about two hours of non-stop fucking, I had enough, even if she didn't. So I warned her that I could not hold out much longer and I would be cumming and she said that she wanted me to fill her up with my juices. She kicked it into high gear and said something like "Cum baby, let me make you cum, let me make you feel good!" I didn't bother to tell her that she had given me the best fucking that I ever had. Instead I stopped fighting my orgasm and let it happen, then collapsed on top of her. But she was still not finished as she continued to grind against me for another couple of minutes while my dick was still in her until she came again. At that point we were both drenced in sweat, the bed and sheets were all torn apart, and we both drifted off to sleep. A few hours later I awoke to see the sunshine, and began to tenderly rub her back. The next thing I knew she reached behind herself and found my dick and began to rub it again. Then she turned and started kissing me and said that she was ready for me. No argument from me. She looked at me and said that she had never sucked a dick before and she wanted to try it, but she didn't know how. So I told her that there was no wrong way, and she should give it a try if she was curious. So she moved down my body and held my dick and looked at it and she said that she liked the way that it looked, that it was pretty, and she liked it better than Jamaican cocks-which, generally speaking, are uncircumsized. She licked the sides of my dick, then licked the top, before putting an inch or two in her mouth. She looked at me with a smile and asked if she was doing it right. I told her it felt very good. So then she put more of it into her mouth, and more, and more, until I thought that she would choke. Finally she had the whole thing in her mouth without a gag or even a cough. This girl was a natural at deep throating. After she sucked me for about five minutes I told her to put her pussy on my mouth, and I told her it was called 69. She said that she had heard of it but didn't know what it meant. After a few more minutes she spun around and crouched over me while she pushed my dick into her pussy. To try to make a long story shorter, we fucked and fucked and fucked for another hour and then ate some breakfast and went down to Falmouth. I told her that she was amazing and that I wanted to spend more time with her, and she told me that I fucked her better than anyone else ever had. But then if she was telling the truth, I didn't have much competition. She said that she didn't start to fuck until she was 16, and she had only done it with one man, who was five years older than her and who she had recently broken up with. But most important, she said that she would like to move in with me. I said that I would like that. But she said that we had to convince her mother, but she thought that she would be able to do that. The story of Peta-Gay cannot be told in one post, so there will be more soon.


More Peta-Gaye

Peta Gaye wanted to live with me. It was easy to understand. She was living in a two-room board house with her mother and two sisters. Her mother had her own bed in one room, and the three girls shared a bed in the other room. The father had abandoned them, and had other children from two other women, which is too typical in Jamaica. Many Jamaican girls grow up without a father figure, which might contribute to their interest in sex at any early age. Maybe they are seeking the male support and approval from boyfriends. Another contributing factor might be that the girls hear and see their mother fucking in the other room, and become curious and want to try it themselves at an early age. Although the legal age to consent to fucking is 16, children still remain under the care and rules of their parents until they are 18. So we needed the approval of Peta-Gaye's mother for her to live with me. Her mother had a job with a meager salary. She had three daughters to clothe, feed and send to school. I would support Peta-Gaye in all of those ways, which would make things easier on her mother. But Peta-Gaye thought it would be best to deceive her mother in order to get her support. Rather than describing me as her boyfriend, I would be called her "Godfather". That is a common description in Jamaica to describe a man who takes care of a girl, but supposedly has no sexual relationship. Although I felt that would be hard to believe, and I didn't love telling her mother a lie, Peta-Gaye felt that would be the best approach to take. So whether her mother really believed the story or not, she accepted the situation, and Peta-Gaye moved in with me. Eventually we stopped hiding the truth and her mother accepted it. For the first year and a half everything was ideal, she was living the best life that she had ever had and we were both very happy. On school days I would wake her at 5 a.m. and prepare her breakfast while she bathed and put on her uniform, then give her taxi and lunch money and she would go to school. In Jamaica it is much harder to go to school than in America. Students have to pay enrollment fees, buy their own books and uniforms, and pay for transportation to school. In her case she had to ride in one taxi to Falmouth, then get into another to go to Montego Bay. Then she had to walk about a mile the rest of the way to school. Despite the challenges, Jamaicans seem to love school more that American students. She almost always wanted to fuck when she got home, sometimes she wanted it so bad and immediate that she would just lift up her school skirt and order me to push my dick into her pussy. And she would want more later when we would go to bed, and again in the morning. She said that she didn't like going to school without being fucked first, she said that it put her in a good mood and helped her concentrate, because if I didn't fuck her, she would be thinking about sex all day. And she said that she liked bragging to her girlfriends that her pussy was full of my cum when she was at school. She loved to fuck in different places in the house, the bedroom, the bathroom, in front of the TV. Sometimes we would be in the kitchen cooking and she would pull off her panties and lift up her skirt and lean over the counter and demand a backshot. There were times when we ate a slightly burned dinner. She also loved to fuck outside and in semi-public places. We might be driving home from Falmouth and she would reach over and start rubbing my cock, then tell me to stop and park the car behind some trees. Then she would tell me to get out and she would suck my dick then pull off her panties and lift her skirt and bend over the hood of the car and tell me to push it in. One night she told me that she wanted to fuck at the beach. I was aware of a stretch of beach that can be seen from Falmouth called Bush Key that is always deserted. It is the nicest beach in Trelawny, but it is hard to get to. So the next day we went to Bush Key. As expected there was no one there. At first she wanted to spread a towel under some trees. We took off our clothes and started to fuck, but after a few minutes we realized that mosquitoes were going to be a big problem. So we picked up the towel and clothes and went into the sea naked. She wrapped her legs around me and held on to my shoulders and fucked me in the water for a few minutes until she had an orgasm. Then she said that she wanted to fuck some more on the beach. I was a little timid because we had an open view across the water to Falmouth, but it was far enough away that no one in town could get a good look at us. I was also concerned about the sand, because I had fucked a girl on a beach in America and after a while the sand got into her pussy and it felt like rubbing my dick on sandpaper. And I was concerned that it might be painful for her. But she got on her hands and knees at the edge of the water and told me to shove it in. We fucked that way for about 15 minutes until she came, then she rolled over on her back and said that she wanted more. I suppose because we were partially in the water and the waves kept rinsing us, the sand was not a problem. After about 15 more minutes I told her I was ready to cum so she told me that she wanted me to shoot it on her breasts. I pulled out and gave her a healthy load on her tits, and she scooped some up with her finger and put it in her mouth. It was the first time that she tasted my cum and she smiled and said that it tasted good. She rubbed the rest of the load on her breasts and nipples and then we went back into the sea for a few more minutes. I was quite content because I thought that I had the best day at the beach of my life, but she was not finished. When we walked back to the car she said that she wanted to fuck in the back of my station wagon. So I lifted up the hood, but before we got in she pulled down my shorts and began to suck my dick until it was hard again, then she pulled down her shorts and leaned into the back of the car and had me give her a backshot. With one hand I rubbed her breasts and used the other to rub her clit. After a few minutes she pulled away and climbed into the back of the car and laid on her back and spread her legs and we fucked until she came again. While I try to believe that life can get better and better every day and every year, I don't think I will ever have another day at the beach as good as that one. Maybe she will, but I doubt that it will ever be any better for me. One last story about Peta-Gaye. She was the first of several Jamaican girls that wanted me to have sex with another girl while they watched, helped or joined in. There was another girl from Trelawny that we were friendly with, and she had made it apparent that she loved sex. One day she told us that she wanted to go to the beach, and Peta-Gaye told her that we would take her, but first she must give us something that we wanted. Peta-Gaye told Kameisha that she must have sex with us first. Kemeisha said that would not be a problem, so Peta-Gaye told her that it was not a joke thing, and she must do everything that we said. We went back to the house and played a version of cards where articles of clothing were removed by the person that lost. When we were all naked Peta-Gaye wanted the other girl to rub and kiss her breasts, which she did. She then did the same to Kameisha. Peta-Gaye then told her that she must suck my dick, but Kemeisha was resistant. Peta-Gaye reminded her that she said that she would do whatever we said. So Kemeisha said she would do it if Peta-Gaye did it too. Peta-Gaye agreed, and Kemeisha sucked my cock for a few minutes, then told Peta-Gaye to do it, but she refused. She later she told me that she didn't want to do it in front of Kemeisha because she might tell other people, which relates to the practice of sucking dicks and pussies but pretending that you don't. Peta-Gaye told Kemeisha that she must fuck me, but Kemeisha said that she would not do it unless Peta-Gaye did it too. And Kemeisha said Peta-Gaye must go first because she had already lied about sucking my dick.So Peta-Gaye laid on the bed and spread her pussy and told me to put my dick in. I fucked her for a few minutes, and before she came she told me to stop and fuck Kemeisha. I suspect that she did not want to cum in front of the other girl. I asked Kemeisha if she really wanted to fuck me and she said yes. I think that she was sufficiently turned on from watching Peta-Gaye and me fuck. That's another thing about Jamaican girls. They seem to respond strongly from visual stimulation. They love watching porno movies. So Kemeisha laid on the bed and I fucked her and her breathing became heavier and she began to moan and rock back and forth faster and faster until she had an orgasm. Peta-Gaye was standing behind me and pushing on my ass to make me fuck hard and fast, and she told me to fuck the girl hard. At the same time Kemeisha came I shot a load deep in her pussy. When we stopped Peta-Gaye whispered a question in my ear, "Did you come?" and I said yes and she smiled. To wrap up the stories about Peta-Gay, she lived with me for two years. I helped her finish high school, then sent her to a post-high school program that helped her get a good job in Montego Bay. But then things began to deteriorate. She began to come home later and later and became secretive and didn't want to fuck as much. Then she started to talk about another white man that she had met at work. And then I began to catch her telling lies. She said that they were just friends, but I knew that was not true. Finally she said that she wanted to move out and live on her own, so I told her that she should go. We continued to talk, and a few months later she told me that she married this other man. I don't know if that is true, but this much I do know. She lives with him, and she hooked up with him because he is more rich than me. I don't know if she loves him more than me, or if he loves her more than I did. I do know that it is not too hard for me to understand if a girl who had a life of hardship goes to the man that can give her the most. So when I think about her I am a little sad, but I am still happy about all of the things that I was able to give her and how I was able to help her. And in my heart I hope that she will always find happiness.



Two girls, one pregnant

I had never fucked a pregnant girl. I was curious, but never had the opportunity. In Jamaica there is no shortage of pregnant girls. So when opportunity finally came knocking, it was so easy. One day I was sitting outside of Tastee Chicken in Falmouth and I noticed two girls who were looking at me. I smiled and they laughed and whispered to each other. A few minutes later they walked over and said hello and asked me if everything was OK. I said everything was cool and asked if I knew them and they said no, but that they knew me. People like to talk about other people in Jamaica, and I was learning that a lot of people knew of me. When you are one of just a few foreign people living in Trelawny, it's not surprising that you attract attention, whether you want it or not. They told me that their names were Anne and Trudy, and that they were both 18 and lived in Windsor. Anne was slim and sexy, and Trudy was pregnant and equally sexy. As we talked they made me realize that I had a growing reputation with regard to girls. They said that they heard that I had a heap of girlfriends. I said that I had no girlfriend, but I knew some girls that were my friends. Then they told me that they heard that I sucked pussy, and they wanted to know if that was true. I said that was a very personal question and they could only find out for themselves. Then they said that they heard that I had sex toys at my house, and they wanted to know if that was true. I said they would have to find that out for themselves, too. Anne asked me what I meant. So I told them that they should come to my house and they could find out what they wanted to know. They walked a few feet away and talked, then returned and told me that they would come, but they needed to buy something first at a shop and would I give them 500 Jamaican dollars (About 10 U.S.). I told them that if I gave them the money, I might never see them again. This had happened before, where girls trick me into believing that they want to be with me, and I give them money, then I never see them again. So I knew that could happen again with these girls, but I decided that I didn't care if a pregnant girl tricked me out of a little money, because the cash might be very helpful to her. So I gave them the money and told them that I knew that they probably wouldn't come back, but I hoped that they would surprise me. They assured me that they would come back in about 15 minutes, and then they walked away. I laughed to myself and thought that I was not as stupid as they thought as I was, and I decided to wait about 30 minutes. By Jamaica time, my 15 minutes would be about 30 of their minutes. After about 20 minutes I began to think that I had been tricked again, but then they came around the corner and asked me if I was ready. "Ready for what," I asked. "To go to your house," Anne said. So we walked to my car and drove to my house and went inside. They looked at my TV and asked if I had any blue movies. I said yes and put a porno tape into the VCR. Soon there was a scene with oral sex and Trudy said that she heard that Americans love oral sex. I said that was true, and asked her if she liked it. She said that Jamaicans think it is "nasty" and she had never tried it. I asked her if she would like to try, and she laughed, then said yes. I asked Anne if she would like to try it, and she nodded yes. So I told them that they should go into my bedroom and take off their clothes. They said that they had to go to the bathroom first, so I went into the bedroom to wait for them. A few minutes later they both came into the bedroom wrapped in towels. I told them to lay on the bed and I would rub Vitamin E cream on their bodies. I started with Anne, I pulled off her towel and began spreading it on her back and legs, and then I rolled her over and began to rub some on her arms, and then on her breasts. Immediately her nipples stood up at attention. I looked at Trudy and I told her that she should help me rub the cream on Anne's breasts. She gave me no argument. While she was rubbing Anne's breast, I moved my hand down Anne's belly to her pussy. As I rubbed the cream on her pum-pum her breathing began to get heavy and her pussy began to get wet. After about a minute I moved down and put my head between her legs and breathed hot air on her pussy. She moaned and I put my tongue on her clitoris and she tensed up. But after a few seconds I could feel her relax and start to enjoy it Soon she was rocking up and down against my mouth, so I pushed a finger into her hole. After a couple of more minutes I decided it was time to see if she wanted to fuck. So I reached down and pulled down my shorts and got up on my knees and rubbed my dick on her clit. I looked at Trudy and said "Should I fuck her,?" and Trudy smiled and nodded her head yes. So I guided my cock into Anne's pussy and slowly began to slide it in and out. She pulled her legs back and told me to fuck her hard. So I increased the pace and the depth of my strokes. I looked at Trudy and asked if she liked to watch, and she said yes, and I told her that she would get her turn soon. After a few minutes Anne arched her back and stopped her thrusting and I knew that she was cumming. When she relaxed I asked her if she came and she smiled and said yes. I asked her if she liked it and she said yes. I looked at Trudy and told her that it was her turn. I pulled off her towel and looked at her body. Her breasts seemed big and round from her pregnancy. She had told me that she was six months pregnant, so her belly was large. I wondered how I was supposed to fuck her. From the front or from behind.....I was not sure. So I put off that question and began to kiss her nipples. As they became hard I realized that she had the biggest, longest nipples that I had ever seen. It was like they were standing two inches high, and they reached beyond my lips and well into my mouth. I looked at Anne and told her that she should suck Trudy's nipples while I licked her pussy. Anne shook her head no, and said that she didn't do lesbian things. So I said that she should rub them with her hand, and she began to do that. I moved down to Trudy's pussy, and when I looked up, I could not see her face because her belly was so high. I began to give her the same licking that I gave Anne, but she did not react with the same pleasure. After a few minutes she told me that she wanted my dick in her pussy. I told her that I had never fucked a pregnant girl before and I didn't know how to do it. She rolled over and got on her knees and told me to give her a backshot. So I got behind her and put my dick into her pussy and began to move it in and out. She backed her ass into me until my cock was all the way inside her, then she began grinding on it with me doing none of the work. After only a few minutes she stopped grinding and pushed against me and let out some grunts as she came. I had not had an orgasm so I asked Anne if she wanted some more, and she asked me if I really had sex toys. So I said yes, I had a vibrator and dildo. She said that she wanted to see them. I went and got them out of a drawer and brought them to the bed. Anne wanted to know how the vibrator worked, so I turned it on and put it on her clit. She laughed and said that it felt good, and soon she got a serious look on her face as she became more excited. I told Trudy that she should put the dildo into Anne's pum-pum, and she did it without any hesitation. Then I lifted Trudy so that she was on her knees again, and entered her from behind as she fucked Anne with the dildo. This time I did not hold back, and after a couple of minutes I let myself cum inside Trudy's pussy. Jamaicans call it "Washing the baby's face...." Not long after, Anne came again and pulled the dildo from her pussy and laughed some more and said how good that it felt. She told Trudy that she must try it. But right then we could see through the window that my friend Don had driven into the yard in my other car. At the time he was using it as a taxi to make money. The two girls whispered to each other, then Trudy told me that Anne had wanted to fuck Don for a long time. I told them to wait in the bed, and I went to the front of the house to talk to Don and tell him that I had two girls and one wanted to fuck him. I told him to go to the bedroom upstairs and wait. Then I told Anne that Don was waiting upstairs, so she wrapped the towel around herself and left the room. Then I asked Trudy if she wanted to try the vibrator and she said yes. I put the vibrator on her clit and after a few minutes she said that she really didn't love it, so I began to lick her pussy. After a few more minutes I could tell that she didn't really love that either. So I stopped and told her that it seemed like she didn't really love oral sex. So I asked her if she would like to suck my cock, and she shook her head no. So I laid beside her and began to gently rub her back-I thought maybe we would take a nap. But then Anne came back in the room and said that Don did not fuck her good enough, or long enough, and she wanted more. She laid on the bed and spread her legs and told me to give her some more dick. I rubbed her pussy with my fingers and it was still hot and wet, and in about one minute my dick was hard and ready, so I pushed it in and fucked her for a few minutes until she came. Then I looked at Trudy and asked her if she wanted more and she said yes. I started to climb between her legs, but she told be to lay on my back. The she climbed on top of me and grabbed my dick and guided it into her pussy. This is what I like, she said. So then I told Anne to sit on my face and I told her that I would lick her pussy while Trudy fucked my dick. Anne kneeled above my face and I licked her pussy while Trudy was riding my cock. After a few minutes Anne came again and climbed off of my face and began to rub Trudy's breasts. Trudy was not going up and down, she just kept grinding away on me so that my dick was deep inside of her. It seemed that was the way that she needed to come, with a cock deep inside her, and after a few more minutes she stopped and closed her eyes and her body shook for about five seconds, then she climbed off of me. To be honest, I had enough for a while, so I was relieved when Anne asked if I had anything to eat. I told her that I had to do a favor for a friend soon, so I would take them home and give them some money to buy something to eat. We all got dressed and I drove them to Windsor. It turns out that Trudy was staying with Anne at Anne's mother's house. They wanted me to leave them on the road away from the house so that not so many people would see them with me. They said that they didn't want everyone to know our business, which was fine with me. I ended up fucking Anne a few more times, but no more with Trudy. She delivered that baby, and two more since then. It seems that she is a baby-making machine. Each baby has a different father, and none of them is helping her much, which makes me sad. So I always give her some money when I see her, and ask her if she has heard of birth control yet.
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